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Open Events, are non-competitive events that you and your boys can participate in as long as the event remains open. These events are designed to give kids something to do in their spare time (if they have any) 


Competitive events are some of the most exciting events at Camp-O-Ree. It is our desire to provide competitions that are both exciting and unique, while encouraging a spirit of teamwork and confidence.


The Educational Events are an addition to RA Camp-O-Ree that we hope will extend an interest in creativity and knowledge. Each activity is interactive, whether it is making something or learning something.


Special Events are unique fun events that everyone will enjoy. These events will only take place once during the weekend at

RA Camp-O-Ree,


Group Events are exciting events centered around fun and worship, which make

RA Camp-O-Ree very special. Our Group Events are structured for All campers of all ages!  Your entire group will want to join the fun.

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