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Group Events

Group Events are exciting events centered around fun and worship, which make Camp-O-Ree very special. Our Group Events are also intended for All camper participation, so we ask each leader to make an effort to bring their group and join the fun.

Both Worship events are conducted by top-name Christian Entertainers and Speakers, whose focus is to make worship fun, while centering around the Word of God

We invite you to check your Event Schedule or Camp-O-Ree Handbook for times and locations of each of the following events.

Group Events

  • Worship Service (Saturday night and Sunday morning)

High-energy worship service, with a strong emphasis on God.  Contemporary music with a simple message... "God Love's You!"  At our services we try to bring in special guests that can share God's word in such a way that all ages can relate.  We want to make sure boys and leaders alike have fun while being introduced to truth.

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