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What does it cost?

Like everything cost varies from year to year.  We work hard not to raise them.  You also have control of your own cost by choosing options, such as camping vs. staying in cabins or cooking your own meals (camping only) or eating in the cafeteria.

All of these optoins are detailed on the "What does it Cost?" form.

Click this icon for form: 

New Camp-O-Ree Patch! 

Available to purchase during  online registration process

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If you are a Southern Baptist Church with RAs, Challengers or any organized Boy's Club in grades 1st - 12th, you are welcome to attend!

  • Group attendance only!  This is not a drop-off camp. 

  • We strongly Recommend that All groups to provide NO LESS THAN 3 Adults.  Depending on smaller group sizes, acceptations can be made.  We do recommend a ratio of 1 adult per every 10 boys. 

  • All adults will be required to undergo a background check as part of the registration process.

  • All attending adults will be required to undergo a background check (no exceptions).  Links to complete background check will be provided to you as part of the registration process.


Camp Date: Oct 20-22

​Registration: Sept. 1 - Oct. 5th

​Camp forms for all adults and minors (to be filled out by parent/guardian): 


2023 Camp Forms

  1. Click the link to open the form. 

  2. Enter participant details. 

  3. Click on event date and location, select RA Camp-O-Ree. Confirm the selection. 

  4. Scroll down to Linden Valley RA Camp-O-Ree activities and click on the arrow. 

  5. Click yes if ok to participate in each activity or no if not. 

  6. Verify age, sign, and date. 

  7. Click the continue button for the health portion of the form. 

  8. It says, “Adult Health Form”, but fill in child information if parent filling out for camper. 

  9. Fill out health background information. 

  10. Sign by clicking in the "Type signature" box. A keyboard will appear, and you can type your name. Click done and then click on the orange "Add" button. For the date, click "next"  and hit continue in the bottom right corner.  A new window will pop up and ask if you want to complete it. Click the complete button.

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