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Educational Events

The Educational Events are an addition to RA Camp-O-Ree that we hope will extend an interest in creativity and knowledge. Each activity is interactive, whether it is making something or learning something. We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities as they become available.


We invite you to check your Event Schedule or Camp-O-Ree Handbook for times and locations of each of the following events.


Here's a few...

  • Carpenter's Workshop

Crafts are a great way to inspire creativity.  And when it comes to boys, they all seem to have a naturally creative spirit.  At RA Camp-O-Ree, we want tap into that and give boys an opportunity to make some really neat gifts to take home as mementoes of Camp-O-Ree.  It's like a day working in the shop with grandpa.  Our most experienced carpenters are in fact grandpas and will work with the boys while sharing heart-felt stories.  We will supply all the materials at no cost to the boys. We encourage leaders to participate and assist.

  • Knot Tying

​Didn't come prepared for the Knot Tying competition? No need to worry, our expert knot trainers will assist you.  Our trainers will be located in the Campcraft competition area at the knot competition.

  • Wildlife Demonstrations (subject to availability of Tennessee Game and Fish Dept.)

​Wildlife is a gift to man from God. It's hard to be a part of the RA Camp-O-Ree and not notice the beauty bestowed on Camp Linden.  We try each year to invite our friends from the Tennessee Game and Fishing Commission to attend our camp and share their knowledge and experience.  Be sure to check the camp schedule to see if they will be joining us.

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