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Sponsors & Supporters

Royal Ambassadors

The RA Camp-O-Ree is owned and operated by members of the Mid-South Royal Ambassador organization.  Our volunteers number over 100 people to make this camp happen each year!

Golden Offering
Of Tennessee

PLEASE SUPPORT!!! It is the GOTM that is the primary source of funding for the

RA Camp-O-Ree.  We are deeply grateful for their support, which is why your support to GOTM is so important.  You can help us by showing your support of the GOTM.  |  Tel: 800-558-2090

Tennessee Baptist
Mission Board

The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board works directly with the Mid-South Royal Ambassadors to make this camp possible.  TBMB Camps & Funding through the GOTM offering is what makes our event possible.  |  Tel: 615-373-2255

Linden Valley Retreat
and Conference Center

We're proud to call LVRCC our home! We've been with Camp Linden since 2008!  Besides RA Camporee, LVRCC is also a wonderful place for your family and your church family to visit throughout the year.  We encourage you to call them today and reserve a date!  |  Tel: 877-704-6336

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