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50th Anniversary this year!

2022 is the offical 50th anniversary for the Royal Ambassador Camp-O-ree!  Camp-O-Ree got its start back in 1970 by a couple of leaders on a joint camping trip.  Be sure to read our story in the "About Us" page and see the progressive history that made RA Camp-O-Ree what it is today.

We hope to bring 2 of the original founders back this year to meet you.  And as part of that celebration, we are introducing the new RA Camp-O-Ree patch, which will be available for you when you register and at registration.

We also want to invite eveyone to join us in the celebration festivities following the Saturday evening service for cake and ice cream.

Where'd that cabin come from? 

You may see some changes over the next few years as Camp Linden expands and improves its facilities.  There will be new cabins added along the river-side and even "Cabin Communities".  More to come on that as the plans become available to us!

Modifications are expected to start later this year.

Sponsor a Missionary!

How would your group like to support a missionary at Camp-O-Ree?  This year we will be asking RA Groups to help sponsor a missionary so they can attend Camp,  With the cost of travel, it's becoming more challenging to get missionary's outside the immediate area. 


Call 901-849-0867 for more details in how you can participate.  Or email

2022 RA Camp-O-Ree Theme - "The Home Coming"

As a tribute to our 50th anniversary, our Camp theme this year will be called, "The Homecoming".  Not to be overlooked, our Mission Quest challenge will tap into this theme in another exciting but zany adventure with Trader Joe and friends.  The quest will be based on the story of the prodigal son and will be touching on how our lives, lost in sin, can be restored and be part of the greatest homecoming of all.  The one we can have with our Lord.

Legacy Camp!

More on this soon, but in 2024, TBMB will be having a celebration of their own.  They will be celebrating 75 years in their investment in camps, like Carson and Linden.  We'll provide more information about this later this year.

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