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2023 RA Camp-O-Ree Theme - "Past to the Future"

This year, Trader Joe's nephew "Joe Tuber", a social media nerd, tries to build a time machine using instructions he found online. In his quest to get right with God, Joe Tuber will be learning a valuable lesson about the meaning of Ephesians 2:8-9, as he attempts to go back in time to clean up his own sin.  What he doesn't understand is that Jesus already paid for his sin, and it will come down to Joe’s faith in God, to give him the true path he’s seeking. 

Join in on the fun in this year's Mission Quest, as the RAs take on Joe Tubers' challenge in search for the missing elements, he needs to complete his time machine.  He’s going to be very surprised with what the boys find.  Lots of laughs and fun, filled with a great message about God’s Grace.

Where'd that cabin come from? 

You may see some changes over the next few years as Camp Linden expands and improves its facilities.  There will be new cabins added along the river-side and even "Cabin Communities".  More to come on that as the plans become available to us!

Sponsor a Missionary!

How would your group like to support a missionary at Camp-O-Ree?  This year we will be asking RA Groups to help sponsor a missionary so they can attend Camp,  With the cost of travel, it's becoming more challenging to get missionary's outside the immediate area. 


Call 901-849-0867 for more details in how you can participate.  Or email

2023 Camporee Giants

This year the Mid-South RAs recognized several RA Giants who will be retiring this year.  A special banquet was hosted at Camp Cordova (The Grove of Red Oaks today), located in Cordova Tennessee, the original camp where RA Camp-O-Ree began.  We had 50 guests in attendance, great food, fellowship and a special time to share.  We wanted to recognize those members for their many years of service to this very important ministry.  Some of them have been serving almost the entire 50 years of the camp's existance.  Let's give a shout out and many thanks and prayers for these great leaders!


Glen McNinch - Campcraft
Billy Cox - Campcraft
John Rosin - Knots
Caroylyn Rosin - Knots
Sonny Beasley - Carpenter's Workshop
Charles Hall - Security
Leroy Feuchter - Set Up

Legacy Camp!

More on this soon, but in 2024, TBMB will be having a celebration of their own.  They will be celebrating 75 years in their investment in camps, like Carson and Linden.  We'll provide more information about this later this year.

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